What is this book, “Lesbian No More” actually about anyway?

From 1978 to 1998 Charlene identified as a lesbian, a self-proclaimed butch. She lived these twenty years believing God made her as she was, a homosexual, yet one day this small underlying voice starting telling her that people are not born gay. She soon came to find out this was the Spirit of the Lord speaking to her. A huge battle ensued within Charlene on whether or not she should believe this underlying voice within her thoughts.

In 1995 Charlene came to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She turned to God and confessed her sins and then the battle really started as she and God battled on the field of the one sin Charlene did not confess because she did not see it as a sin but as an identity, her homosexuality.

Two years later her eyes were open to the fact that God did not make people homosexuals. She came to realize that people’s environment and people’s choices were responsible for one’s self-proclamation of an identity of lesbian and butch. Once the scales fell off her eyes the battle got even deeper within as Charlene went through some ten years of understanding how the lie of homosexuality infiltrated her very being and blinded her into living a life of some twenty years believing the lie that this was how God made her.

Over the past fifteen years Charlene has learned, mainly through her conversations with God, why she had and sometimes has an attraction to the same gender. Each time Charlene would experience the same gender attraction she immediately gave it to God and asked God to help her to understand why the attraction was there and why it would become sexual.

Today, Charlene has very few if any same gender attractions. She attributes it to a close walk with her personal Savior Jesus Christ and she also attributes it to turning each temptation to God and asking Him to help her through it and to help her to understand it. She believes that over the past fifteen years God has opened her eyes to the lies of homosexuality and has healed her of her homosexuality.

Today Charlene is the Executive Director of Bridging The Gaps Ministries (BTGM). Through this ministry she speaks with individuals and churches on the subject of homosexuality. Not only does she share her testimony she also shares how a person can come out of their homosexuality and how the church can be a major player in helping the homosexual population see the captivity of their sins. Charlene helps the churches to see how they must reach out to the homosexual the same way they reach out to others, with the love of Jesus Christ.

In this book, Lesbian No More:  One Woman’s Life-Changing Experience” Charlene shares with us her personal experiences dealing with homosexuality and then relates it to how it affects us today corporately and individually. The audience of this book is anyone who has been effected by homosexuality



2 Comments on “What is this book, “Lesbian No More” actually about anyway?”

  1. Adam October 12, 2015 at 4:19 pm #

    this is bull shit

    • Charlene E Hios "JD" October 12, 2015 at 9:38 pm #

      well, Adam, you are entitled to your opinion, however, i would appreciate your not being so intolerant of my life story <

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